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How to celebrate other cultures in style

With so many beautiful cultures around the world following so many different traditions. Conversations when crossing paths with someone with a different background should be never ending if you have an open and curious mind. Sometimes we can get so caught up in our own lives and some people think this is actually it. This is the way everyone live.

When all actuality it's people on the other side of the world living quite differently. In fact it's tribes that does not have to work the way westerners work almost 24/7 for money to live. There are people that do not work for money. Within their community/village

they get food for each other, grow food together, build each other homes together. Help take care of the kids together. I can say so myself as being guilty that some times we westners so use to talking business it's hard to hold a conversation of anything else. But talking cultures is a beautiful thing. Just showing interest in where someone else comes from and watching their face light up with joy as they also reflect on the beauty of their culture.

When it comes to style, you have so much to choose from. When crossing over into someone else culture of style it's always a great thing to know a little about that culture of what you are wearing and making sure to pay your respect and never take claims of it to be your own style/ culture. Thats the thin line between culture appropriation and appreciation. Preserving the history of cultures out of respect.

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- iDinotu

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